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Powerfull JSON Developer Tool

For mobile or web developers. Test your applications using Swift JSON Editor powerfull features.

Features For Testing

Smart Objects, Value Transformers, Json Path, Webserver are some of many testing features that helps you to develop and test your application.

  1. PROJECT FORMAT - Application uses document format where you can edit and handle several json trees in single project nodes. Project folders let you organize your document.
  2. SMART OBJECTS - Smart Object & Smart Array let you organize whole trees and have all data in synch. Key name & Order is preserved in Smart Object shared copies. Smart Array can receive a Value Transformer to generate list of data.
  3. VALUE TRANSFORMERS / GENERATORS - Change values or generate new fake values on any String/Number/Boolean node in JSON Tree. Use included simple transformers or code your own using simple Javascript code.
  4. JSON PATH - Customized JSON Path implementation let you select nodes using json path strings. Also use the relative / absolute JSON Path in Value Trasnformers to extract information from other project nodes.
  5. WEBSERVER - Preview any project node in local url address. You can load whole trees using http address into your application and make any changes, all changes can be seen immediatelly, no more embedding testing json files anymore.

Other features

Duplicate (N) Times...

Duplicate x times selected node. Use to create shared copies of Smart Objects or Smart Arrays.

Disable Nodes

Disable nodes in json tree to exclude them temporary from exporting or web server generation.

Select All at Same Level

Select all nodes at same tree level. Use this function to eliminate unwanted childs or delete all child in non Smart Objects.

Copy Json Path 

Copy Json Path address in its absolute or relative form. Use the address in Value Transformers or other functions.